Roller Shutter Doors

As an authorised dealer of Hart Door Systems, all our fire shutters are LPCB certified and installed by fully trained Firas accredited engineers.

This shutter is designed to comply with the current British and EEC safety regulations. Optional specification levels can be varied to meet any special operational requirements.


Compliant with prEN 13241-1:2003 & manufactured & installed to iso 9001/2001 and is CE marked.

Safedrive direct drive geared motor unit including limit override protection pre wired with surface clip 24volt control via press button station. (Negates the necessity for auxiliary safety brake)

The standard unit is prewired and requires a three phase 380-440v & neutral socket mounted within 1m from the motor. The surface clipped control cable is armoured and operates at 24 volt. Optional wired in steel conduit.

Optional Ground floor hand chain operation with ground floor engagement or crank handle operation at the motor. (Note this is heavy and slow on very large doors).

75mm convex interlocking galvanised roller shutter laths retained at ends by malleable steel end wearing lugs riveted on via solid steel rivets. This section is available in three thicknesses 18G, 20G and 22G this considerably varies the cost and significantly improves rigidity, security and wind resistance as the section is thicker.

The steel hollow tube supports the door and the diameter is calculated not to exceed deflection 1/400.

Optional guide depth 50, 75,100 for standards guides and 65/100 wind guides coupled with wind end lugs to improve wind resistance for larger and exposed doors.

Standard Tee section with optional rubber seal. Note there must be a fall of the door threshold to the outside and this seal in not sufficient to prevent wind blown water penetration without a step or proprietary system.

Optional hood around the roller for dust, and weather sealing combined with optional motor cover, all in galvanised or pre-finished materials.

Standard galvanized Curtain options include Plastisol pre finish or powder coat (max 8m) or acrylic paint. The door curtain, guides and bottom rail optional in powder coat. Non galvanised surfaces such as heavy support angles, additional frames and tube will be finished in black undercoat.

25Kgs to 35kgs per square meter depending on curtain Gauge.

Normal max width 8m and height max 8m, and 40 square meters max. Special design above the standard limits.


Depends weight circa 125-150mm per second.

Normal Operation

Press button station in full view of door, “hold to run”. Options include key switch.
To operate by momentary pressure safety systems need to be included.

Safety Systems Pedestrian

Optional safe edge on the bottom rail, photo cell protection, warning signs with increasing levels as required.

Automatic Operation

Full automatic operation via control panel with remote induction loop, radio control with full safety systems are available see data sheet